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Discover ANFIM's Top 4 at TriestEspresso 2018


Discover ANFIM's Top 4 at TriestEspresso 2018

12. September 2018


From October 25th to 27th 2018, the Italian espresso grinder manufacturer welcomes the international specialty coffee industry to its home country Italy, where coffee enthusiasts, shop owners, roasters and professional baristas are invited to discover the most recent and all the new upcoming coffee trends.


ANFIM is about to place its top 4 masterpieces in the spotlight at the booth of the HEMRO Group:



The brandnew PRATICA & SOLIDA as well as the official sponsor grinder of the World Latte Art Championships, the powerful SP II and the perfect choice for medium workloads, the SCODY II.
Experience the next generation of espresso grinding:

Anfim‘s new PRATICA & SOLIDA combine traditional Italian design with a consistent grinding quality - either on-demand or with the most accurate dosers in the world. The PRATICA provides hands-free operation through start-stop-automation, while the superior doser of the SOLIDA ensures fast and easy espresso portioning. Just like any grinder from Anfim’s product range, these new espresso grinders provide great value for money, featuring a re-designed grinding discs geometry, a durable built-quality and an absolute ease of use. The PRATICA comes with a user-friendly interface and both models have a new simple stepless grind adjustment. After all, the aroma and taste experiences are at the heart of genuine Italian espresso tradition. This is why Anfim offers the PRATICA on-demand grinder for everyone who seeks to save the entire aroma for the cup, while the doser of the SOLIDA is the perfect choice for espresso varieties that need to degas, in order to ensure a perfectly aromatic crema inside the espresso cup.


Stop by at booth no. 18-34-35 in hall 27 to have a closer look on ANFIM’s highlights!