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Luna Barista Tips with Jessica Sartiani

Jessica with Luna grinder

Luna Barista Tips with Jessica Sartiani

02. Aprile 2024


Join us as we dive into the world of coffee excellence with our esteemed brand ambassador, Jessica Sartiani, as she shares her expert insights and invaluable tips to elevate your coffee game to new heights, using the Anfim Luna espresso grinder. 


Dosing: We’re kicking things off by delving into the crucial aspect of dosing, ensuring you extract the perfect cup of coffee, every single time. Dosing may seem like a small detail, but it’s the foundation upon which every great cup of coffee is built.




Adjustable Spout: Next we are looking at the unique design of the removable and adjustable spout. Keeping your grinder and your workspace clean is crucial when producing specialty coffee. This is why the Luna and Alba espresso grinders from Anfim feature a new spout design that is easy to clean and adjust, making sure the coffee ends up in your portafilter basket, not on the bench.




Grind Size: Finally we talk about grind size. The grind of your coffee for espresso is a fine balancing act. Too course or fine and your espresso won’t be at its best. The Luna, thanks to its stepless grind adjustment, makes fine tuning your espresso easy.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of Barista Tips with Jessica Sartiani!