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Enjoy World Latte Art 2019 with ANFIM!


Enjoy World Latte Art 2019 with ANFIM!

23. May 2019


This year’s edition of the World Latte Art Championships is going to take place in Berlin during the World of Coffee from June 6th to 8th. The team of the official espresso grinder sponsor ANFIM is excited to participate in the event while supporting the most passionate and creative professional baristas during the competition for the 5th time.


ANFIM will bring its powerful SPII Special Performance on the stage of the World Latte Art Championships 2019:


SP-II  | Quality, efficiency a perfectly clean taste – cup by cup

This espresso grinder enchants baristas by producing the perfect clean cup, coping with high volume requirements despite running with low rpm maintaining cool grinding temperatures. The stepless grind adjustment feature, the recently introduced automatic start-/stop-function as well as the user-friendly operating software on the new display ensures maximum convenience for the barista. Finally, the exclusive 2-coloured corpus design turns the SP-II into a charming eye catcher bringing long-term experiences within genuine Italian espresso culture to your coffee bar.