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The SOLIDA and CAIMANO II leave the portfolio


The SOLIDA and CAIMANO II leave the portfolio

07. October 2020


The PRATICA, Anfim’s modern on demand espresso grinder, has taken the hearts of professional baristas by storm.
It features hands-free operation through start-stop-automation and is equipped with a user-friendly interface that provides presets for individually programmable recipes. With a re-designed grinding discs geometry, durable built-quality and a new smooth stepless grind adjustment, the PRATICA is the ideal choice for any espresso bar.
The most recent trends and requirements of the market put a clear focus on on-demand espresso grinding while the demand for dosers is decreasing. As a result, we decided to exclude the SOLIDA and the CAIMANO II from our product portfolio.

The latest order date for the SOLIDA and the CAIMANO II is the 22nd October 2020.
Deliveries will be effected until the end of 2020.
Spare parts will still be still available for a longer period of time.